SriMuthappa Matrimony provides marriage compatibility analysis and recommendation based on compatibility of birth stars, Kuja Dosha, Papasamya and Dasa Sandhi. Our astrologers can provide you the services based on the South Indian System or the Gunamilan (North Indian System).


          Rasi Porutham means the compatibility of Zodiac Signs. According to Indian Astrology, the position of the moon at birth time determines the Zodiac Sign (Rasi) of a person. The person{s character, culture and physical characteristics are strongly dependent on his or her Zodiac. The compatibility in these qualities is essential between the husband and wife for ensuring a long life and prosperity for their married life. This obviously points to the significance of Rasi Porutham. It acts as the remedy for the absence of other compatibilities like Gana Porutham.


              Rasyadhipathi Porutham means the compatibility of the Rasi Lords. The compatibility of the Lords of the Birth Rasis of the bride and the bridegroom determines this Porutham. Rasyadhipathi Porutham signifies the capabilities, long life and luck of the children born to the couple. In those cases where rasyadhipathis may not be compatible, compatibilities like Samasapthama in the horoscope and Mahendra porutham rectify the defect




              Vasya porutham means the Compatibility between the zodiac signs with respect to their mutual enchantment. This Porutham helps to enhance the love and affection between the couple. Vasya Porutham gains more prominence in the absense of other poruthams like Rasi Porutham and Gana Porutham.


             Mahendra Porutham is determined on the basis of the birth stars of the couple. This Porutham determines and provides the man the power to protect his wife and children born in her, in moral, physical and financial aspects. It is believed that Mahendra Porutham is capable enough to suppress the effects of the absense of Rasyadhipathi and Dina Porutham.


            Gana Porutham means the compatibility between the birth star groups. The twenty seven stars are classified into three ganas (groups) - Devagana, Asuragana and Manushagana. Gana Porutham stands for the compatibility between the ganas(groups) corresponding to the birth stars of the couple. Generally, this Porutham signifies the mental and spiritual compatibility. Gana Porutham helps the couple to have a life with prosperity and satisfaction.


          Yoni porutham indicates sexual compatibility. Animal symbols are associated with each star. When the animal symbolizing the birth star of the couple are friendly to each other, yoni porutham is considered to be satisfactory. Where the animals are inimical to each other yoni porutham is not satisfactory. If Yoni porutham is good between the couple, it helps them to ensure financial prosperity and happy married life. The absence of Yoni Porutham may result in the lack of satisfaction, the difficulties relating to children etc.. These problems will be nullified by the presense of any two among Rasydhipa Porutham, Vasya Porutham and Mahendra Porutham.


      Dina Porutham is another measure of compatibility between birth stars. Dina Porutham helps the couples to achieve mental compatibility and happiness in life. Absense of Dina Porutham is ignored and considered not very important in the presense of Rasi porutham or Yoni Porutham